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What’s holding back BIM?

Start any discussion of technology in our sector and there’s a three-letter acronym which will always pass your lips. BIM is one of the chief ways the construction industry is embracing digitisation and its growth over the past decade has been rapid: according to the 2019 NBS National BIM Report, overall trends of BIM awareness and adoption have increased from 10% in 2011 to around 70% last year. The 3D model-based process is seen as an answer to our sector’s sustainability crisis and a way to attract a younger generation to an ageing industry. It’s being used on a vast array of projects, including helping the City of Paris with its redevelopment before the 2024 Olympics. BIM is, quite literally, shaping tomorrow’s world. 

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Our year in review

It’s been a very busy year at Lyons O’Neill: we’ve completed and embarked on an array of exciting new projects, we’ve seen our team grow and we’ve won industry recognition with a number of awards and commendations.

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Meet the engineer: Anna Bergman

We are very pleased to announce that the Lyons O’Neill team has grown this year. Anna Bergman joined as as a Project Structural Engineer back in May, bringing with her years of valuable experience and industry knowledge. And as part of our Meet the Engineer series, we spoke to Anna to discuss life as an engineer. Including what first attracted her to the profession, what she enjoys most, and what advice she’d offer to other young women thinking of pursuing the career.

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Placing clients at the heart of our service

A successful project isn’t just about a stunning end result or fulfilling a client’s brief – it’s about the whole design and construction process. In any project, the relationship between the parties involved, how issues are navigated and the communication flow is as important as the bricks and mortar. Indeed, if any of these areas are lacking, the quality of the end product will suffer.

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Pre-planning Services: Flood Risk Assessments

Unsure if you’re at risk of flooding?

The colder months can often mean a yearly gamble for those at risk of flooding. Which means those who are yet unsure of how their development will fare could be less prepared for any unfortunate damage, and its wider implications. Flood risk assessments provide early advice regarding flood risks. This knowledge can go on to prove instrumental when seeking a successful planning application. 

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Project Spotlight: Reef Way SEMH School, Hailsham

We’re delighted to introduce our new Project Spotlight series, which will showcase the projects we’re currently working on and the engineering techniques involved.

In our first Project Spotlight we’ll be looking at our work at Reef Way SEMH School in Hailsham. This project involved a number of challenges but these were successfully navigated through the use of intelligent engineering solutions. Read on to find out more about the project, the factors involved and how our pre-planning services assisted construction.

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15 days to go! Lyons O’Neill engineer set to take on the Atlantic

In just 15 days, Lyons O’Neill’s Senior Structural Engineer James Protherough will be embarking on a 3000 mile row across the Atlantic to help combat plastic pollution. The row is part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, which will see 30 teams battle the elements in competition for the coveted prize. James will be joined by school friends Ewan, Ed and Jon to form the team Atlantic Ambition, who are hoping to beat a record time of 37 days and 9 hours! In anticipation of the row, we sat down with James to discuss his preparations and motivations for the challenge.

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Focus on: Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)

Surface water provides unique challenges on many construction sites. When flat, impermeable materials are used in and around buildings, there is less space for natural infiltration, and excess surface water must be smartly managed to avoid flooding and pollution. With these challenges come the need for specialist engineer involvement at all stages of a project especially at the pre-planning stage.

In a large number of our own projects, we’ve been able to factor sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) into complex building sites from the very beginning of the design stage. These drainage systems ensure surface water is managed in a controlled matter and directed to where it won’t negatively impact both the client and the surrounding environment.

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How to become an engineer

In recent years, we’ve seen lots of initiatives hoping to get young people more interested in engineering. However, the number of engineering paths to choose from means it can still be difficult for prospective students to determine which will be the right fit for them. We’re hoping to make things a little clearer with this handy guide, because we firmly believe that engineering should be an accessible career option for all.

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