Lyons O'Neill

Managing a project’s environmental impact

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on every sector and responding to it has taken an immense amount of energy and ingenuity. Yet as we navigate this global emergency we can’t afford to forget a continued crisis that has been accelerating for decades: climate change

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Lyons O’Neill in the Press

Over the past several months, we’ve been delighted to have been featured a number of times in the press: discussing a range of topics affecting the engineering and construction industry, sharing advice, and showcasing some of our exciting projects. 

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The role of historical research in engineering

According to a study conducted by the Institution of Civil Engineers, around half of the work undertaken by civil engineers in the developed world involves working with and around existing structures or brownfield sites. As an engineering consultancy based in Central London, we understand that some of the reasons behind this could involve the costs, or lack of sufficient building space required to build elsewhere. As a result, engineers like us enlist a range of techniques and approaches when working on these projects to ensure they retain their value and exceed expectations. All of these techniques do well to highlight the growing role historical research is playing in the engineering sector. 

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