Lyons O'Neill

Focus on: Design that meets clients needs

One of the most important tenets of construction is understanding the needs of the client. If you go in with a dogged, one-size-fits all approach, you’ll meet far more issues and obstacles than going into a project with an open mind and a willingness to adapt to those you’re working for. Likewise, you have to be prepared for the terrain on which you’re working to throw surprises and difficulties, but adaptability and strong planning will allow you to be prepared for anything.

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Lyons O’Neill in the Press

Engineering revolves around communication and the sharing of ideas or information, whether this relates to a specific project or best practice in the industry. Lyons O’Neill have always been engaged in discussion of key topics in the industry and recently Directors Kevin Lyons and Damian O’Neill have been sharing their insights in the press.

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Dwellings: Transforming spaces into homes

There is a massive amount to consider when it comes to any kind of building design, but this is especially so in the case of designing and building homes. When taking on conversion and renovation projects, the necessity of working within the original structures whilst also creating something modern, comfortable and desirable for future inhabitants always presents an interesting and enjoyable challenge.

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Focus on: designing an exhibition space

Every design project is different, taking into account the individual aims and factors governing a project, and this means engineers are skilled in creating structures of all shapes and sizes. But structures don’t just vary in space, they vary in time – as seen with exhibition spaces.

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Focus on: marrying contemporary use with classic design

There can be a misconception regarding modern architecture in that it’s all about sharp lines, minimalism and smooth, glass surfaces. Though on many projects this may be the case, good design is all about working with and caring about the client’s needs and the historical and natural context of each project, whether it’s a new build or a refurbishment.

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