Lyons O'Neill

Lyons O’Neill helps break a world record!

Guinness World Record

Last month, on the 22 September, Lyons O’Neill was involved in a Guinness World Record attempt. Willmott Dixon Farnborough aimed to set the world record for the greatest amount of concrete blocks falling like dominoes and had a target of 1000 blocks to beat.

Ever ambitious and creative, with the help of Lyons O’Neill they laid out just under 5000 blocks in the pattern of the Wilmott Dixon logo at Windsor Racecourse. Our Technical Director Damian O’Neill designed and coordinated the layout of the blocks, as well as finding the solution to turning the difficult corners of the design. Along with the technical challenges of this complex layout, the team had to overcome the environmental challenges of high winds and uneven ground and over fifty people spent two days setting up the dominoes in preparation for the world record attempt.

Richard Poulter, Managing Director at Willmott Dixon for the Southern Homes Counties, pushed the first block with the son of one of the surveyors to begin the record attempt. The domino fall lasted 15 minutes and the previous world record target was well and truly smashed with 4958 blocks falling.

Congratulations to Willmott Dixon and everyone involved in this new Guinness World Record! It was a fantastic achievement to play a part in – you can watch the video about this moment in history here.