Lyons O'Neill

Placing clients at the heart of our service

A successful project isn’t just about a stunning end result or fulfilling a client’s brief – it’s about the whole design and construction process. In any project, the relationship between the parties involved, how issues are navigated and the communication flow is as important as the bricks and mortar. Indeed, if any of these areas are lacking, the quality of the end product will suffer.

At Lyons O’Neill we believe success comes down to placing clients at the heart of our service. Our processes revolve around incorporating each client into our design discussions right from the very beginning, so everyone is on the same page and decisions are clearly explained. We use illustrations to help us achieve this, with our team sketching their solutions early on so each party can fully explore the options available.

This environment of open and honest communication, combined with our use of 3D data, allows us to create the most efficient designs and cut down on costly errors and delays. But communication doesn’t end when the project moves onsite – miscommunication at this stage can lead to major disruption. To avoid this, our team uses digital tools including Accessible 3D visualisation tools and cloud-sharing vital project documents to ensure every party is referring to the latest information.

The best firms put themselves in their clients’ shoes and build their processes around them. A great client relationship binds everything else together.

This philosophy informs all our work at Lyons O’Neill and, besides enabling us to deliver exceptional projects, has won us industry recognition. Our continued work in finding better ways to communicate project specific risks meant we recently won a Design Consortium Award at Willmott Dixon’s Powered by the Best Awards which is third year running we have been recognised. Awards from clients like this are fantastic to receive, as they recognise the quality of both our work and working relationships.

This award has been a fantastic way to close 2019 and we look forward to the new projects and opportunities the new year will bring.