Lyons O'Neill

Covid-19 Update

As of Monday 23rd March the team here at Lyons O’Neill are working remotely and all non-essential travel both to and from our offices is suspended until further notice. As a business we already have very effective remote working capabilities and we have been testing our systems over the past week or so and have all the necessary capabilities and resources for the entire office-based staff to work from home.

In the short term we see the use of existing technology to maintain meeting interaction and client engagement as a critical and our platform for online collaboration and video conferencing is Microsoft Teams and Skype. Our main office number will be redirected but please feel free to contact any LON team member on their mobile phone number on their email signature.

We will all be feeling our way over the coming weeks but we are very much open for business and are keen to remain flexible, if you need us to adapt to make things work for you then let us know.