Lyons O'Neill

Bay House School

The construction of three new blocks to replace some of the existing accommodation at Bay House School, Gosport. The new blocks interface directly with the retained existing blocks, and will house dining and library facilities, as well as general teaching spaces. Bio-solar roofs are proposed in order to achieve energy and sustainability requirements for the project.

Blocks 1 and 2 are three storey steel frames with precast concrete floor and roof slabs. The building layout and architectural requirements dictate that vertical bracing is not feasible so lateral stability is achieved through portalisation of the building framing.

Block 3 is a single storey steel frame with lightweight roof stabilised through a combination of vertical bracing and portalisation.

Pad and strip foundations are proposed to support the frame and walls, with the ground floor constructed as a ground bearing slab. At the interfaces with existing buildings, foundations are sized and reinforced to allow for the eccentric loads from the frames.

Architect Jestico + Whiles
Contractor Kier
M&E Engineer Ridge and Partners