Lyons O'Neill

Bold Tendencies

As part of an exhibition piece Lyons O’Neill were required to design a series of spaces which not only housed the exhibition but were located on the top of a multi-storey car park in Peckham.

The centre piece of the exhibition was a surveillance balloon which could be winched from the roof providing a live feed to internet of the surrounding views.

The key constraints of the brief were that all the structures had to be fully demountable, we couldn’t fix directly to the roof and all elements had to bought to site in a vehicle no bigger than a transit van.

Working with the team we developed a concept for a group of silo structures which could be assembled from panels insitu and demounted at a later date. The main issue structurally was that we weren’t able to fix directly to the roof which presented us with the problem of how to hold down the silos and the balloon in such an exposed location.

After considering a number of options we came up with a system of ballasting through sand bags which allowed us to not only safely hold the structures down but provide a simple robust and flexible solution which could be installed y the army of volunteers on hand to help.

Architect TDO Architecture
Contractor Handy Heroes Construction