Lyons O'Neill

Chestnut Park Primary School

Croydon Council has undertaken the construction of new primary schools throughout the borough to meet their growing educational needs. As part of this, the Chestnut Park Primary School is set to deliver space for 90 reception children on opening.

In conjunction with the contractor, Lyons O’Neill developed a design for a piled raft slab which would support the complex series of loads coming from the three storey steel frame super-structure above. A raft foundation was found to provide the most cost effective solution and gave greater flexibility for alterations to the superstructure design. We also developed a design for the front boundary wall which was designed to resist vehicle impact loads to protect the children within the site.

Architect Hunters South Architects
Contractor Willmott Dixon Construction
M&E Engineer Skelly & Couch
Client Willmott Dixon Construction
Value £8M