Lyons O'Neill

Childs Terrace

This development within Northolt comprises of a row of three-storey terraced houses laid out to suit the sloped site profile.

The terrace comprises of 7 units, each with 4 bedrooms, parking and a private garden. The foundations are deep mass concrete strips with suspended ground floor slabs to account for the potential for heave from the underlying clay. Several foundation system solutions were explored to suit the clients and contractor’s needs. The superstructure comprises of timber floors and roof supported by steel beams bearing onto loadbearing blockwork party walls.

As with all Lyons O’Neill projects, we strived to achieve a drainage design that included SuDS features as much as possible. Water butts are used within the gardens to re-use rainwater for gardening purposes and a attenuation tank was designed for 1 in 100 year storm events for all remaining surface water on the site.

Architect EMGA Limited