Lyons O'Neill


Drawings are at the forefront of our offering. We take their quality and accuracy extremely seriously, both in production and when it comes to checking.

We focus on maintaining clear and relevant information through reviewing and planning at all stages of a project. This is achieved by being responsible for the data used and not simply stripping down and reusing the information of others.

We also operate a number of drawing platforms, meaning we can tailor the medium to suit the project. We use REVIT to generate both 3D and 2D drawings, depending on the needs of the contractor. You can even use the KUBITY app to take a tour of some of our models via the links below. Just download the app and scan the QR code.

VR Model St Nicholas School Drainage
VR Model St Nicholas School Structure
VR Model Nexus Below Ground services
VR Model Adur Drainage & Structure Model
VR Model York House Structure