Lyons O'Neill

Heathfield Academy

We are delighted to announce that our Heathfield Academy project has won Building Project of the Year <£10m at the Constructing Excellence Awards 2018.  The whole team worked together to find new products and efficiencies to conserve funds and make programme gains.  The team also overcame many technical challenges, made quicker decisions and achieved high quality throughout the build.

Lyons O’Neill were brought onto this project at a late stage in the design process to bring the previous design through to completion. However, it was found that the structural design would not be able to accommodate the required services and going back to planning would lead to a delay in the school opening time which was unacceptable to the client.

Lyons O’Neill completed a full review of the existing structural steel scheme and developed several other schemes which would meet the clients brief. It was decided that a reinforced concrete flat slab was the most efficient structure given the building constraints and challenges. We were able to modify the structure in incorporate the services design but leave the façade unaffected and so avoid going back to planning.

Architect Hunters South Architects
Contractor Willmott Dixon Construction
M&E Engineer VZDV
Client Willmott Dixon Construction
VR Model Take a tour of the model
Timelapse Construction Timelapse Video