Lyons O'Neill

Kingston Road Phase 2

This site was previously occupied by a steel frame warehouse with brick wall cladding and a concrete ground bearing slab foundation.

The proposed new residential building comprises of five 2-storey modular residential units including 13 flats. The new shape of the building has been designed to reflect the existing warehouse geometry. To recreate the existing shape of the warehouse roof, an arrangement of cranked steel beams has been adopted. These are spanning onto steel columns bearing onto a RC raft foundation.

For resisting lateral loads, the building relies on an arrangement of steel portal frames and braced bays. These are proposed to be formed in light gauge steel stud walls acting as racking panels.

Both the timber roof and the 1st floor, comprising an RC slab cast onto a metal deck, are acting as rigid diaphragms transferring the horizontal loads to the portal frames/braced bays.

Architect Moloney O'Beirne Architects
Contractor Equitas Properties Ltd.
M&E Engineer Mendick Waring Consulting Engineers
Client Equitas Properties Ltd.