Lyons O'Neill

Lilford Road, Camberwell

The development on Lilford Road houses an innovative mix of co-living accommodation situated above mixed commercial and light industrial use spaces on the ground floor. The development consists of 4 main blocks and varies in height between 4 and 11 stories, to be sympathetic to the surrounding residential properties, while maximising the new extent of co-living accommodation.

The new development will replace a series of 1 to 2 storey industrial buildings which currently occupy the site, which is bounded to the east by network rail arches.

The proposed structure is an RC frame with flat slabs, to offer straightforward coordination for services within ceiling voids, while maximising available ceiling heights. This structural approach also ensures it is as adaptable as possible for future change of use or change of layouts.

We have developed the below ground drainage for the site, with extensive surface water harvesting, which lessens any discharge from the site and reduces the stress on the local sewer infrastructure.

Architect CGL Architects
Client Caddick Developments