Lyons O'Neill

Manresa Road

The development consisted of a single storey steel frame structure above a three-storey basement.  The site was very tight with poor access and a high water table, surrounded by trees and residential properties on all sides. These constraints presented a need to understand the build sequence in order to form a viable solution and negate any issues relating to trees and settlement of surrounding buildings. We came up with a scheme which provided the architect with an opportunity to form elegant atriums through the building from basement formation level to ground level whilst maximising internal space for the Client.

The project also included a complex tunnelling procedure to link an existing Victorian house to the new structure at 3m depth below ground level. Again, our ability to conceive and understand the build sequence allowed an innovative solution to tunnelling below a mature Oak tree whilst protecting the surrounding buildings and environment.

Architect TDO Architecture
Contractor Knowles
Client Private