Lyons O'Neill

Mare Street Office Extension

Lyons O’Neill provided the structural design of a single storey rooftop extension to the top of this existing 4 storey building, creating a high-quality working environment for an existing fashion business.

The extension was conceived as a lightweight steel frame. In order that the lower levels of the building could be kept live throughout the works, the new 4th floor was formed as a grillage of steelwork which floated above the retained lightweight precast planks.

New columns were aligned on top of existing columns under to ensure direct load transfer. Stability of the extension was achieved through portal action of the steel frames.

The street facing elevations are set back from the main façade and are combination of glazing, semi matt metal louvers and stainless-steel shingles, the latter also used to clad the roof overhang.

Architect Platform 5 Architects
Contractor Egg Limited