Lyons O'Neill

Nexus Training & Production Facility

Lyons O’Neill were appointed for the Structural and Civil design of a new production facility training centre development situated in Gatwick. The development houses specialist flight simulators which are fixed to the 7.5 x 7.5m “motion pads”. Due to the dynamic loads during their operation these pads are structurally separated from the suspended piled ground floor slab ensuring no transmission of vibration. Understanding the Customer’s operational needs was a key consideration when defining the loading envelope the structure would encounter. Workshops and existing facilities visits were essential to get the loadings right.

Construction work includes two approximately 500t braced steel frame class 2A buildings and the installation of associated parking, landscaping and access. Both buildings make use of composite floor construction on a primary 12m / secondary 6m beam grid. Precambered composite cellular beams have been specified for the main primary spans to limit deflections.

Architect HGP Architects
Contractor Willmott Dixon Construction
M&E Engineer Hawden
Client Surrey County Council
Value £40M
VR Below ground services coordination model