Lyons O'Neill

The Listening Post

Lyons O’Neill have been shortlisted along with 4 other practices for a new installation in the heart of the City. The sculpture marks a part of London’s High Street 2012 initiative and will remain in place for the duration of the 2012 Olympic Games. It will stand on a site historically known as ‘Ale-Gate’, so called because it was the only City gateway open to all. It is hoped the new landmark will underscore the fact that the City now welcomes, rather than drives away, its neighbours.

We responded to both the temporary nature of the installation and the congested nature of the site by introducing a light touch structure which can be installed using the minimum of plant and without closing the road. This fully interactive installation can be simply demounted leaving the site exactly as it was and can easily be reinstalled in another location as a more permanent piece.

Architect Foster Lomas Architects