Lyons O'Neill

The Paxton Building

The Paxton Building situated in the crotch of the existing Lilly White House, houses ticketing, retail and offices spaces.  The building is founded on a suspended piled concrete slab and comprises four storeys over ground.  The route for a hybrid concrete/steel construction was laid early on by the contractor to allow for programme and site logistics within the overall stadium project.

Two concrete cores with shear walls enclose the footprint on the north and south boundary providing overall lateral stability.  A quick to install steel frame with concrete metal deck floor construction was chosen for the remaining superstructure elements.  The client’s desire to reduce the visibility of linear vertical load bearing elements resulted in irregular column arrangements and larger spans of floor beams that partly cantilever out on the main face of the building in the west elevation.

Requirements for blast proof design of designated elements were stipulated for the project.

A new raised podium platform is connecting the existing with the new build Paxton Building from the east.  This also enables van delivery to the 1st floor retail space.  Structurally it comprises of a one storey steel frame that is horizontally stabilised by sway frame action and not relying on the surrounding structures.  This structure includes cantilevering elements to not affect the car parking spaces below.

Architect F3 Architecture and Interiors
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