Lyons O'Neill

THFC – 500 Seat Stand

On this project we worked with the team to produce a 500 Seat stand for the first team’s training pitch at Tottenham Hotspur FC’s new facility.

The sensitivity of the site called for a light touch solution which could be as easily removed as installed and enhanced rather than detracted from the rural environment.

The Architecture let to a tapered structure which is a truncated ellipsoid in form. Our inspiration for the structure cam e from the wings of the Supermarine Spitfire whose elliptical wings were formed using a framework of tapering ribs which were sheathed in a thin skin to form the complex surface.

Our adaptation of this form allowed us to create the roof of the structure using LVL ribs cut to various profiles which was then skinned with thin ply strips which could be warped in two directions to for the complex surface.

To create a light touch build the structure is conceived to be prefabricated off site and erected in sections sitting on screw piles which can be as easily removed as installed.

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